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I've got a javascript widget written for my Django project, which is included at the top of my templates.

<script src="{{ STATIC_URL }}/js/widget.js"></script>

The widget needs to load its own stylesheet, but since it's not actually a Django template, it doesn't know where the static root is. Does it need find its .css relative to itself, or is there a way for Django to tell it about {{ STATIC_URL }}?

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You can either do relative URLs in your Javascript, which is probably preferable, or you can define a global variable:

<script>var static_url = '{{ STATIC_URL }}';</script>
<script src="{{ STATIC_URL }}/js/widget.js"></script>

Then, you can use static_url anywhere in your JS code.

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I would create the STATIC_URL variable in your file, making it accessible on your entire site.

STATIC_URL = 'https://your.js.server'
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This variable won't be accessible from any of my javascript libraries. – ajwood Jul 30 '12 at 17:39
Ahh, sorry, I read too fast - you needed it inside the js. – Lonoshea Jul 30 '12 at 17:47

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