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My apologies as I'm a newbee poster here.

I've successfully called MonoD's pdb2mdb.exe from the post build event with the code below. I've also successfully reached pdb2mdb.exe via a .bat file holding the same code, initiated from a VS2010 post build event. In both cases, pdb2mdb.exe accepts the assembly.dll I provide as an argument.

"C:\Program Files\ManyDir\mono\2.0\pdb2mdb.exe" C:\Users\Jim\GameDev\OtherDirs\ClassLibrary1.dll

However, using the EXACT same code from the command line, while I can reach pdb2mdb.exe, it doesn't like the assembly.dll I provide and gives me a usage syntax error. I've tried both copy and paste of the code, and also directly typing it out, thinking there might be some hidden characters somewhere. I've also tried changing the directories I initiate the call from, including calling from the directory holding my VS project which I understand is where the post build event calls from.

pdb2mdb.exe also gives me the same error when I call it directly or through a .bat file from an MSBuild .proj file using the command.

The only variable here appears to be where the call is being initiated from -> the post build event.

Any thoughts or insights to pursue would be appreciated.

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You really ought to put "double quotes" around the path. This will keel over if OtherDirs is actually a directory name that has a space. – Hans Passant Jul 30 '12 at 17:39
@Hans You are right of course, but in this case there are no spaces in the path parameter. – James Evans Jul 31 '12 at 17:11
In my limited experience pdb2mdb doesn't like it when you specify a path to the assembly, you need to run it from the folder in which the assembly is located. – yoyo Dec 4 '12 at 1:36

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