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I have this in the html:

<ul class="ei-slider-arrows">
  <li id="arrowLeft" ><img src='images/close.png'/></li>
  <li id="arrowRight" ><img src='images/close.png'/></li>

I am trying to add a click function on my two li "arrows" but I can't select them. I tried this:

this.$arrows     = this.$el.find('ul.ei-slider-arrows');
this.$arrowLR    = this.$arrows.children('li');
this.$arrowRight = this.$arrowLR.getElementById("arrowRight");

I can add a function on this.$arrowLR but I can't manage to select arrowRight. Here I tried with getElementById, but I also tried with get(0) and get(1).

Anyone has an idea why it's not working?

If I do console.log(this.$arrowRight) it only shows [] in the console in both case (get() and getElementById("arrowRight")).

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Please post a little more HTML and JS - it's hard from the little bit you've posted for us to help. –  Utkanos Jul 30 '12 at 16:33
So i used this which is working perfectly this.$arrowRight = this.$arrows.find('li.arrowRight img'); –  Charlie Burger Jul 30 '12 at 17:20

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If you want to get them both by id then use this snippet:

var arrowsBoth = $('#arrowLeft, #arrowRight');

Or if you want to access them separately:

var arrowLeft = $('#arrowLeft');
var arrowRight = $('#arrowLeft');

You can also get them like this (also, this can possibly return more elements than desired):

var arrows = $('ul.ei-slider-arrows li');
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Just select the elements by ID and bind the event handler to it

using jQuery




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$("#arrowRight") and $("#arrowLeft") in jquery should get you both left and right arrows. You can then use on(), delegate(), or click() to assign a handler. You could also just do document.getElementById("arrowLeft") or document.getElementById("arrowRight") to do the same selection. One of your issues above is that in this.$arrowLR.getElementById("arrowRight"); you are attempting to use a javascript function on a jquery object which contains a list of dom elements.

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the problem is that I have multiple instance of this code, i have Few different slideshow. If i add this function by using document.getElementById("arrowRight") the function will be fired several time for all the slideshow everytime i click ! –  Charlie Burger Jul 30 '12 at 16:52
@CharlieBurger You really shouldn't have multiple id's that are the same; that is not valid markup; id's should be unique. Non-unique id's can cause various browsers to behave unexpectidly. If you have multiple elements that should be similarly named use class's. If you use $("#arrowRight").click() the function should only fire for the element that triggers the handler not on all similarly id elements. –  scrappedcola Jul 30 '12 at 17:01
Yes i don't know how I forgot that. I am coming from as3 and i thought about this as different object compiled and not a list of tag in the html ! I think I found a solution in using : this.$arrowRight = this.$arrows.find('li.arrowRight img'); which i find a lot cleaner than using $("something"); It s not perfectly working but i am getting there ! Thx –  Charlie Burger Jul 30 '12 at 17:19

I'd go:


function hazaa(){ }

And you can also pass a parameter if you'd like to do slightly different things, depending on the arrow clicked.


function hazaa(direction){ alert(direction); }
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Thx for your quick answer, the reasons is that i'd like to select the li named id="arrowRight" to add a specific function (the same after for id="arrowLeft") by doing what you shown if i click on whatever arrow it ll do the same function (i need to go left and right for a slideshow) –  Charlie Burger Jul 30 '12 at 16:36
See the update. If you like it, check green! –  Konrad Viltersten Jul 30 '12 at 16:43

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