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I have created a grid function using list control. There are two columns in the list. Data and NAME.

The user should select a file; and the data inside the file should be diplayed in first column "DATA" and file name should be displayed in the 2nd column "NAME". I have written a code but nothing is appearing in the list

CFileFind finder;
bool bFound;
CString filename = "C:\\ Location\\*.txt";
bFound = finder.FindFile(filename);


        bFound = finder.FindNextFile();
            m_List.AddString(finder.GetFileName()); //This is where the actual data is added 
   CStdioFile files;
   CFileException exp;
   CString strLine;  

   if (files.Open(filename, CFile::modeRead, &exp))
void CuserspecificationDlg::InsertItems()
       HWND hWnd = ::GetDlgItem(m_hWnd, IDC_LIST1);
       // Set the LVCOLUMN structure with the required 
       // column information
         SetCell(hWnd,out,1,1);   // where out is the Cstring variable for edit control  

What can be the mistake?

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Please see a tutorial on how to use List box here. You could define a member variable of type CListBox that is mapped to your list box via the control wizard.

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I am using ListControl , not Listbox. – Nabeel Jul 31 '12 at 10:16

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