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in a school project i would like to do the following step to have a watermaked image in matlab

  • extract the edges from an image
  • insert a mark on this edge
  • reconstruct the image
  • extract the mark

could some one give me a link to have a good idea how to do it or help me to do that? thank you in advance

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Really, can't you just Google it? I found this and this... –  Eitan T Jul 30 '12 at 17:05

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You want to add a watermark to an image? Why not just overlay the whole thing.

if you have an image

img = imread('myimage.jpg')
wm  = imread('watermark.jpg')

You can just resize the watermark to the size of the image

wm_rs = imresize(wm, [size(img,1) size(img,2)], 'lanczos2');

img_wm(wm_rs ~= 0) = wm_rs; %This sets non-black pixels to be the watermark. (You'll have to slightly modify this for color images) 

If you want to put it on the edges of the image, you can extract them like this

edges = edge(rgb2gray(img),'canny')

Then you can set the pixels where the edges exist to be watermark pixels

img_wm = img;
img_wm(edges ~= 0) = wm_rs(edges~=0);

Instead of direct assignment you can play around with using a mix of the img and wm_rs pixel values if you want transparency.

You'll probably have to adjust some of what I said to color images, but most should be the same.

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Here, is a nice and simple example how you can embed watermarks using MATLAB (in the spatial domain):

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