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Could somebody please direct me to an example on how to retrieve a binData record from MongoDb using C++?
I tried this code, but returns garbage:

char* arrS;

while (dbResult->more())
    record = dbResult->next();
    strcpy(arrS, record.getField("s").binData(iLen));

"s" is my binData field. Thank you in advance, any suggestions are highly appreciated.

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Does arrS point to any valid memory location prior to strcpy operation ? I believe you know about buffer overflow. –  Mahesh Jul 30 '12 at 17:32

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The parameter iLen is actually a (second) return value of binData. You can extract the binary contents like this:

int iLen;
const char* p = record["s"].binData(len);
std::string content(p, iLen);
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.binData() returns a const char* so it should be returning a pointer to the binary data. You just need to copy that into a buffer, either explicitly allocated or a dynamic one such as a string.


std::string arrS;
int iLen = 0;
arrS = record.getField("s").binData(iLen);

I'm not sure of the iLen parameter - often this pattern is used to pass in a value of the buffer length and returns the number of bytes copied, but the docs don't mention it.

If so, you need to allocate a buffer:

char arrS[1000];
int iLen = sizeof(arrS);
memcpy(arrS, record.getField("s").binData(iLen));
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