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i am trying to create an update query that accepts parameters for the values that need updating. My query:

PARAMETERS FirstName Text ( 255 ), LastName Text ( 255 ), AccessLevel Short;
tblUser SET tblUser.FName = [FirstName],   
tblUser.LName = [LastName],   
tblUser.AccessLevelID = [AccessLevel]
WHERE (((tblUser.UserID)=[Forms]![frmEditUser]![subfrmUsers].[Form]![UserID]));  

And my VBA code that runs when the edit button is pushed by the user:

If valid Then
    DoCmd.SetParameter "FirstName", Forms!frmEditUser!txtFName
    DoCmd.SetParameter "LastName", Forms!frmEditUser!txtLName
    DoCmd.SetParameter "AccessLevel", Forms!frmEditUser!cmbAccessLevel
    DoCmd.OpenQuery ("qryEditUserRecord")
    MsgBox "Success: Record edits have been applied", _
        vbOKOnly, "Record Edits Success"
End If  

valid is just a boolean that is true when all controls have data. The error is:

The object does not contain the Automation object "Drew"  

Where Drew is the current records FName value. This error occurs at the first SetParameter command and I am unaware of the problem or how to fix it. The query runs as expected if I prompt outside the VBA code, but that is what I need for this to work.

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It all seems like a very long and complicated way to change the values in the subform to the values in the main form and I can't see why you would want to do it this way. –  Remou Jul 30 '12 at 18:25
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Turns out there is a very unintuitive solution that I found here http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-ZA/accessdev/thread/8538bd05-abc3-4cad-b284-bcbf7fa3dd69

When dealing with a string parameter the DoCmd.Parameter "para", """" & Me.txtName & """"

I have no idea why it needs the four double quotes and an & but it does.

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