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I am using Rails and jquery, and I need a dynamic content with ajax.

But I don't know how to get the current user ID

For example the url is

In my javascript file I need the user ID (20)

$.get("/users/<%= **20** %>.json", function(data)

      }, "json");

Thanks in advance for any help.

Is there another way to do this ?

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You can assign the rails variable value to a javascript variable in your view file like

"<%= javascript_tag "var userId = #{};" %>"

and access the variable inside js file wherever you want.

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Generally i put a hidden field with the id somewhere in the page, where i can easily access with $("#user_id") on the javascript file, then the request would be something like this:

var id = $("#user_id").val();
$.get("/users/"+id+".json", function(data) { }, "json");
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$.get("/users/<%= params[:id] %>.json", function(data)

  }, "json");

Should do the trick.

Include the snippet into the .erb file or create a .js.erb partial with this.

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I don't think this would work on a .js file. – MurifoX Jul 30 '12 at 17:56
True, added more info in my answer – Anthony Alberto Jul 30 '12 at 17:58
I already tried it, It doesn't work :( – user1560922 Jul 30 '12 at 18:10

Lots of choices:

  1. If you have a current user object with the id (Note: this must be in a file ending with .js.erb):

    $.get("/users/<%= %>.json", function(data){...}, "json");

  2. If you don't want to use a .js.erb file, but still need the value to be set somewhere on the page, then set a data-attribute or hidden input with the id value.

  3. If you have the id value in the url (as in the current url you are on looks like and you want the GET request to use 20 as the value), you can use document.url or window.location.href and some string manipulation to get the id.

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Try <%= escape_javascript(params[:id]) %> I'm not completely sure if escape_javascript is necessary or will help.

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