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The example above connects to SQl server.

My requirement is to connect to Oracle DB.I found no class in filehelpers which i can use to connect to oracle DB. Please help if you have any ideas. Thanks a lot.

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You can use the GenericDatabaseStorage<T> class which takes any ADO.NET IDBConnection type. The following is an example from the FileHelpers source.

public class GenericDatabaseStorageTests
    public void CurrencyOracleExtractToFile( )
        GenericDatabaseStorage<OracleConnection, OracleCommand> storage =
            new GenericDatabaseStorage<OracleConnection, OracleCommand>( 
                "User Id=SHELL;Password=shell;Data Source=ora9dev"

        storage.SelectSql = "SELECT * FROM CURRENCY";
        storage.FillRecordCallback = new FillRecordHandler( FillRecordOrder );

        FileDataLink.EasyExtractToFile( storage, "tempord.txt" );

        FileDataLink link = new FileDataLink( storage );
        link.ExtractToFile( "tempord.txt" );

        TestRecord[] res = (TestRecord[])CommonEngine.ReadFile(typeof(TestRecord), "tempord.txt");

        if ( File.Exists( "tempord.txt" ) )
            File.Delete( "tempord.txt" );

        Assert.AreEqual( 3, res.Length );

        Assert.AreEqual( "AED", res[ 0 ].CurrencyCode );
        Assert.AreEqual( "AFA", res[ 1 ].CurrencyCode );
        Assert.AreEqual( "ALL", res[ 2 ].CurrencyCode );

    public void FillRecordOrder( object rec, object[ ] fields )
        TestRecord record = ( TestRecord )rec;

        record.CurrencyCode = ( string )fields[ 0 ];
        record.Name = ( string )fields[ 1 ];
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oh tht's great.Thanks a lot.Is there a way to get corresponding column names also into the file along with data..? –  user1046415 Jul 31 '12 at 13:29
You can set engine.HeaderText as answered elsewhere. –  shamp00 Jul 31 '12 at 15:10

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