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I'm trying to do some package manipulation (a la dpkg) and while I can just popen or I'd rather do things the python way if possible.

Unfortunately I've been unable to find a python module to do the trick.

I've seen reference to python-deb but it appears to be defunct. python-apt might seem like a potential solution, but AFAICT it cannot handle individual .deb files.

Anyone know of a good dpkg python solution?

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Actually, python-apt allows you to work with these files directly. Here's an example:

from apt.debfile import DebPackage
from pprint import pprint
pkg = DebPackage('/tmp/wajig_2.7_all.deb')


$ ./

It's not as complete as I would like sadly, but it has a bunch of functionality.

(more info)

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I noticed after digging into gdebi that it uses the functionality you're referring to, and then just does a popen to then run dpkg. Thanks. – Catskul Jul 31 '12 at 14:59

Apparently Gdebi is python based. If gdebi installed you have access to it's functionality via the GDebi module.

I can't seem to find any documentation, so I'm not sure that it's meant to be a public API, but it might do the trick.

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I have little familiarity with python modules for debs, but I wanted to point out that calling subprocesses isn't the bad thing on *ix, that it is on Windows. Windows almost seems intended to break calling things as a subprocess and parsing output, but *ix usually makes it quite viable.

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