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I supposed to delete another file.But I deleted a wrong one. How can I recover it after I did "git rm abc.c"

Right now, when I issue git status, it says

deleted: abc.c

BTW, i have other uncommitted changes now. Thank you for your help

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First you need to reset the status of abc.c in the index:

git reset -- abc.c

Then you need to restore abc.c in your working tree:

git checkout -- abc.c
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You need to do two commands, the first will "unstage" the file (removes it from the list of files that are ready to be committed). Then, you undo the delete.

If you read the output of the git status command (after the using git rm), it actually tells you how to undo the changes (do a git status after each step to see this).

Unstage the file:

git reset HEAD <filename>

Restore it (undo the delete):

git checkout -- <filename>

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