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My Customer Model is as below. Customer Model contains validation attributes


CustomerID - Int;
CustomerName - String;

CustomerViewModel contains 2 properties as below 1. ObservableCollection of CustomerModel (This is bound Items Source of drop down list) 2. Property returns CustromerModel object as Selected Item (Bound to SelectedItem)

My Question: How can i provide ValidatesOnDataErrors=true for combo box?

Do i need to write validation attribute on CustomerModel property inside CustomerViewModel?

Please suggest...

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IDataErrorInfo is a type specific implementation of Validation (vs. instance specific). You would be better off using ValidationRules. This link should help on how to implement ValidationRules:

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Hi, Thanks for the solution. After searching on net i found a blog on worldpress - input-validation-ui-exceptions-model-validation-errors. I need to modify this code to make working with my requirement. I am accepting your answer. – user1386121 Jul 31 '12 at 4:03

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