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I have made a cross-platform SWT jar using the clear explanation I found on: Create cross platform Java SWT Application

Still, this requires me to pack the jars of every platform in order to make it system independent, making the total size of the jar around 40MB. This is somewhat crazy for a project that does some parsing.

I have tried using ProGuard to reduce the file size, but this was not very useful. Can I conclude from this that it is in principle not possible to create small cross-platform applications using SWT?

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Well, you could make your program not include the SWT jar and download the correct one during installation or first run. Probably not a good idea, but possible. Otherwise, I'd just use Swing in this situation.

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Thanks, but using Swing is rather hard because my entire project has been made using SWT... I have now been able to narrow the packages down to around 10 mb because SWT includes many packages that I didn't need. Still, I think this is too big :-) –  marczoid Aug 1 '12 at 8:17

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