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This code is working fine

Dim bc As Long = Math.Pow(36, ((IBase36.Length - 1) - i))

! Under VB Math.Pow return DOUBLE data type.

When I convert it into C# I have got

long bc = Math.Pow(36, ((IBase36.Length - 1) - i));

And I have a cast syntax issue.

How it could be resolved? Thank you!

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You gotta watch out for code like this. Long has 19 significant digits, a double only has 15. When the value gets large enough, you can easily be off by one due to truncation. At least add 0.5 so this can't happen. –  Hans Passant Jul 30 '12 at 18:57

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long bc = (long)Math.Pow(36, ((IBase36.Length - 1) -i));

() is the cast operator in C#.

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Probably in VB you have Option Strict Off or not declared at all (Default Off)


Visual Basic allows conversions of many data types to other data types. 
Data loss can occur when the value of one data type is converted to a data type with 
less precision or smaller capacity. A run-time error occurs if such a narrowing 
conversion fails. Option Strict ensures compile-time notification of these narrowing 
conversions so they can be avoided.

So I will change the VB code

Option Strict On

Dim bc As Long = CType(Math.Pow(36, ((IBase36.Length - 1) - i)), Long)
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Math.Pow has the return type double, which in C# cannot be implicitly converted to long, so it must be done explicitly via typecast. I'm not fluent in VB.NET, but the conversion rules may be less strict there.

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In C# you gotta tell the compiler Math.Pow is a long or double type if you want a result.

Check this out in a console app.

int value = 2;
string power = "6";
Console.WriteLine("" + (long)Math.Pow(value, (Convert.ToInt16(power) - 1)));
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