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I am using Captcha component with cakephp 2.0. Though Its going well but my traced issue with this component.

Warning: Argument 1 passed to Component::__construct() must be an instance of ComponentCollection, none given, called in ...

When I tried to find solution it gives me two line code in somewhere comment.

_controller = $collection->getController();
parent::__construct($collection, $settings);

function startup( ) {
     $this->Controller = $this->_controller;

The solution code is something like this which ended me with error.

Captcha component link is http://www.devarticles.in/

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I found the solution for Cakephp 2.0. In controller where you are creating instance do it like this..

$myvideo = new MyVideoComponent(new ComponentCollection()); //make instance
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Please download working Captcha Component for CakePHP 2.x from author's website

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