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I am getting this error in Google BigQuery: Error: Ambiguous field reference in SELECT clause. (Remember to fully qualify all field names in the SELECT clause as .)

My query is SELECT LoanPerf1.loankey, Loans.Key FROM prosperloans1.LoanPerf1 JOIN prosperloans1.Loans ON LoanPerf1.loankey = Loans.Key

prosperloans1 is the dataset id the 2 table names are correct. the error returns regardless of which field name appears first in the select clause.

The documentation on Google SQL Syntax says this is correct: // Simple JOIN of two tables SELECT table1.id, table2.username FROM table1 JOIN table2 ON table1.name = table2.name AND table1.id = table2.customer_id;

Thanks Shawn

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Try adding an AS clause to the table names:

SELECT LoanPerf1.loankey, Loans.Key FROM prosperloans1.LoanPerf1 as LoanPerf1 JOIN prosperloans1.Loans as Loans ON LoanPerf1.loankey = Loans.Key

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I found this worked: SELECT perf.status, loan.loankey FROM prosperloans1.LoanPerf1 AS perf JOIN prosperloans1.loansfinalstatus2 AS loan ON perf.loankey = loan.loankey; so it is either the AS you mentioned or having fields in the ON statement have matching field names. –  user1558422 Jul 30 '12 at 20:09

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