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enter image description hereI am using a contour plot to generate a table of values (I'm interested in the deviance between cases and not the actual value). The Z axis is a regular 2d array of values. The X and Y axis however are 2d vectors which I convert to a number using this formula:

v = (x,y)
val = x*5 + y + 2

where 0<=x<=2 and -2<=y<=2.

I want the axis to include all the vector pairs so I created an array (xlabels) which looks like:

xlabel=[[0,-2], [0,-1], ..., [0,2], ... , [2,1], 2,2]]

When I try to apply this to my plot, I get only the first set of values which are set the major ticks label. The line I use is:


and the result I get (the top xaxis):

How can I set the xaxis labels to all appear?

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The solution is to use a locator:

from matplotlib.ticker import MultipleLocator
locator = MultipleLocator(1)
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Please accept your answer, so your question is marked as solved. – hooy May 24 '13 at 22:17

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