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I have a php file on my server that takes in two inputs through the URL and then comes back with a result. When a page is loaded, I'd like to have the result of that calculation already loaded. For example:

$var = load("http://mysite.com/myfile.php?&var1=var1&var2=var2");

I know that load isn't a real function for this, but is there something simple that suits what I'm looking for? thanks

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php.net/file_get_contents But why would you do a full-blown http request to talk to a "local" script? It'd be far simpler to turn this script into a function you can load via include() and invoke s needed. –  Marc B Jul 30 '12 at 20:25
thanks, I may indeed do that now that you mention it. I am a rookie at PHP ^^ –  Sam Creamer Jul 30 '12 at 20:28

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Use file_get_contents

$foo = file_get_contents('http://mysite.com/myfile.php?&var1=var1&var2=var2');

Or, a better solution if the file is located on your server:


and either set the $_GET variables in the included script itself, or prior to including it.

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If they are running on the same server, consider calling the script directly?

$_GET["var1"] = "var1";
$_GET["var2"] = "var2";
include "myfile.php";
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You could use file_get_contents, but it may be a more practical solution to simply include the file and call the function directly in the file, rather than trying to manually load the file.

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