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I have a bunch of museum touch-screen kiosks running chrome, and I have the cursors disabled like so:

    -webkit-user-select: none !important;
    cursor: url(../img/cursor.png), none !important;

cursor.png is a single pixel 1% opacity image.

This works well 90% of the time. But sometimes the cursor comes back on its own. Possible when ever a maintenance script to reload the UI is run.

Is there a way to really tell chrome: "I dont care what you think, I dont ever want to see a cursor appearing"?

It would be great if you could put chrome in touch screen mode using a flag to take care of this.

Im using Chrome 20, and running OSX 10.7.4

Any ideas?

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On the internet I did not find any 100% solution for Chrome specifically. What I would try (if the situation let's you) is change the cursor on the Windows level. In the configuration panel you can change the cursor's appereance.

By using a transparent cursor like this, you are quite certain the cursor stays invisible and does not pop back up. Of course it is not specifically for Chrome, but perhaps it fits your situation as well.

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