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I have been using Robotium 3.3, but saw that a method has been added about a week ago, that will allow the user to input a name for any screenshots that are taken using solo.takeScreenshot(String name), however, I'm not sure how to get this method to work. I have tried to download the updated file from github, then create a java project with the downloaded file, then export that project to a .jar file, but I am not having any luck getting that method to work. Here is a link to the method I'm talking about. If anyone could offer any help or direction, that would be great!


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i am using robotium-solo-3.4.1.jar

add robotium jar reference

i use this code :

int i=1;

SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("ddMMyyyyHHmmss");
String currentDateandTime = sdf.format(new Date());


and i get images like this, [ /sdcard/Robotium-Screenshots/05092012180241_1.jpg ]

enter image description here

i hope this will help you. Thanks.

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