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I have made a helper file in: models/helpers/days.rb

However, I try to use my helper in my controller, and it throws up with the following error:

cannot load such file -- models/helpers/days

I use the following require:

require 'models/helpers/days'
class MyController < ApplicationController

Is there anyway I can use my days.rb file in my controller?

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You dont have to put require if you put your helpers into app/helpers folder(which means you can access them from all parts of your app). In your case, it should be app/helpers/days.rb

For a specific controller helper you should name it as [controller_name]_helper.rb. In fact, if you run rails generate controller [controller_name], Rails will auto create a specific helper for you.

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Thanks @kasperite. I previously had in mind that these helpers are meant for the views that are rendered by a particular controller. Can they be used by the controllers? Also my days file is effectively a hash map, and it is used by my models too (hence it was originally in the model's file). It allows me to perform things like Days.Monday for example. If moved to the helpers folder, could they be used by my models too? –  Karan Jul 31 '12 at 8:46
Hi @Newton,if you follow the naming convention [controller_name]_helper.rb, your controller will automatically use the right helper. Otherwise, you will have to explicitly include that helper in your controller. With models, include is the only way to make your helpers visible –  kasperite Jul 31 '12 at 21:39
thanks @kasperite! Thats useful to know. What about in the cases that you would need more than one objects for a controller - I like to have as many objects as possible/needed, so I can see this happening quite often. Would I have to have my_new_object_helper? Or simply put my_new_object in the helper folder? Where is the right place to put this? –  Karan Jul 31 '12 at 21:59
When you say objects, do you mean library classes?As far as I know, it's a good practice to put your helper files into app/helpers folder and name it like that. It will still work if you name them differently though(without _helper). For library classes, you can put them into app/libs and include them when they are needed. –  kasperite Aug 1 '12 at 1:37

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