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Is it possible in CPLEX optimizer, with c++ api, to get the index of a variable by the variable name? I couldn't find any suitable method to do that. Plz help.

I have [IloNumVarArray vars;] variable to store variables by name.

vars[i].getName(); // gives the name of the variable at index i

Is there any method like : vars.getIndex(name), which can give the index of the variable?

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There isn't anything like that in CPLEX.

You can always iterate the array and compare the name to get back your variable. If you need better performance you can use a map.

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yeah, I couldn't find anything like that. I also thought about map. But I wanted to be sure about that. Thanks... –  Shahadat Hossain Aug 2 '12 at 23:26

If you are using the callable library C++ API, there is function for finding the column index, given a column name:

int CPXgetcolindex(CPXCENVptr env, CPXCLPptr lp, const char * lname_str, int * index_p)



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