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Ok, I know this is a mess. This is why I'm posting it here. I hope you can understand the logic that I am trying to create. Is there a nicer way to make this happen?

else if (((!(lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim2.Shirts)) && ('Nike' in lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim3)) 
    || (('Nike' in lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim3) && ('Shirts' in lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim2)))

There are basically two statements here: I want this statement to prove true if Shirts AND Nike are present OR Nike but no category at all. Hope that helps, but I will move this over to code review, but will wait for a solid answer so someone gets the cred :) ... Thanks for the tip.

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Check out – Brad Jul 30 '12 at 22:24
you want the contents of your if-statement re-factored? – GitaarLAB Jul 30 '12 at 22:24
maybe you can reformat your code – Ibu Jul 30 '12 at 22:25
Can you post an explanation of what the code is trying to do? Perhaps there's a better way (that already exists), instead of refactoring the if statement. – Chris Laplante Jul 30 '12 at 22:26
Is that PHP? Or something else? Show the JavaScript, not the server-side script that generates it. – David Thomas Jul 30 '12 at 22:26

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Based on GitaarLAB's answer, how about this?

else {
    var x      = lc(this).getByIndex(i),
        y      = x.dim2.Shirts,
        nike   = 'Nike'   in x.dim3,
        shirts = 'Shirts' in x.dim2;

    if (!y && nike || nike && shirts) { ... }
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you could do:

else {
  var a=yadayadayada,
      //and so on
  if( a===b || c<=d ){ //that should keep your if-clause a lot more readable!!

Hope this helps!

UPDATE (after TS update): Now we know a little more about your data and you ask: 'true if Shirts AND Nike are present OR Nike but no category at all', then this is what you want:

else {
  var b='Nike', //brand
      c='Shirts', //category
  if( ((b in d2) && d2[c]) || (b in d2) ){ 
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Since you have "Nike...etc." in both statements, you can shrink it to:

else if ( ('Nike' in lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim3)
  && (!lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim2.Shirts || ('Shirts' in lc(this).getByIndex(i).dim2)) )
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