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I had been viewing an image file "SomeName.bmp" in MS Paint (the successor to MS Paintbrush). Then, after closing the Paint session, I went behind its back and changed the filename through Cygwin command

mv SomeName.bmp SomeName2012.bmp

Then from the Windows 7 Start Button, by right-clicking on the Paint app, I got its "Recent Files" list. It still showed the old filename "SomeName.bmp". I clicked to open that one, and automagically it found the proper file "SomeName2012.bmp" to open !

Is this intelligence available to all MS VisualStudio developers with the RecentFiles list, or is it just MS Paint that is being so smart about it ?

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If you used the list provided by the Start button before the app opened, then it's Windows doing the magic. –  Mark Ransom Jul 30 '12 at 23:00

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