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I am trying to read from an RFID tag number that is scanned by a parallax RFID reader and sent to the computer using the Arduino device. I am trying to read from the serial port using RXTXCommDrive, but the problem is that when the Arduino is connected to a PC it is connected to COM3 and when connected to a laptop it is connected to COM4. Is there way to loop through the COM ports and find the correct port?

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The RXTX wiki lists two examples for listing available ports:

But: What do you do if you find two ports? So either you should use some configuration file anyway.

A third possibility would be: Most USB drivers allow assignment of specific chips to a specific COM port id. For Arduinos using the FT232R chip there are two ways: Reassign the port ID via the driver settings OR reassign a bunch of port IDs via registry edits.

The relevant Application Notes can be found here:


  • AN_107 "Advanced Driver Options"
  • AN_132 "Re-Assigning COM Port Numbers Using the Windows Registry"

I'm sure the other chips of newer Arduinos have similar capabilities.

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