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I always have a brain cramp when it comes to this. I'm creating a module to mix in to model-like classes but it needs to keep exactly one copy of serializable attributes per class. So here is the code (that doesn't work).

module Checkin
  module Model
    def self.included(base)

    @@serialiable_attrs = []   <== really not the right place
    module ClassMethods
      def serializable(*attrs)
        attrs.each{|attr| @@serializable_attrs << attr} # Is this @@ or just @?

    def serialize!
      @@serializable_attrs.each{|a| do_something_with(a)} # <== Will this work?

class Person  
  include Checkin::Model
  serializable :first_name, :original_name, :last_name, :checked_in, :people_attending
  # etc., etc.

What I'm wrangling with are two things:

  1. How to define my mix-in such that a class variable magically springs into existence; and
  2. How to access that variable both in my ClassMethods module and in the (for lack of a better term) instance methods part of the module.

Note that I've settled on a mix-in technique rather than inheritance because I will have Validatable, Persistable, Serializable and so on. Also, I know there are all sorts of validation and persistence layers available that are well tested and heavily used. This is a different beast and I really should know who to do this in my sleep, right?

Any Ruby wizards who can help me understand how to do this or suggest a different direction to approach this problem from, I appreciate the help!

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Try removing the class variable, and adding this to the module ClassMethod:

def self.extended(klass)
  klass.instance_variable_set("@serializable_attrs", [])

And changing the double-@ to single in serializable. And change serialize! to this:

self.class.instance_variable_get("@serializable_attrs").each{|a| do_something_with(a)}
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Thanks! I was part way there when I thought, "this is too ugly." I'm happy to see it's just my imagination and that this is right. –  Steve Ross Jul 30 '12 at 23:58
@SteveRoss: Glad I could help. Just work out the value of self in your head. That's the key to Ruby metaprograming. Ruby never preforms any black magic, remember that. –  Linuxios Jul 31 '12 at 0:00

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