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I am searching through the web for the best scripting language for my current scenario. As I writing this question here, you can see that I am not certain which one is the best for my case.

What is my case?

I have a java backend system and some frontend clients which are written with .net. The frontend clients can be adopted with batch files. Actually the more complex batches calling a vbscript.

Now I want to leave this vbs stuff and want to use a modern scripting language. The best would be that I can also use it on the java backend as well. Can you give me some ideas which scripting language suits best? On the frontend the most existing scripts handling some file operations.

My first choice was groovy because I come from a java background but as I read in some posts that it does not have a good performance. The script will be called many times per minute, does then a groovy script creates each time a new jvm process? Isnt that very expensive?

Is Python the better choice? Or what would you use?

Thanks for your advice.

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The best one for you is the one you pick. –  monkut Jul 31 '12 at 1:11

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Go with Python :)

Specifically take a look at Jython which will let you access your backend Java classes if required.

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javascript, in the guise of rhino also gives you good integration with your existing java classes, and decent performance. But it really comes down to personal preference, so try several and see which fits you best.

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Groovy and python are both excellent choices. "several times a minute" is something any modern (and many ancient) languages can handle with aplomb. I don't think either is intrinsically better than the other in this case.

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Python is available for JVM and CLR, so it would seem a good fit for you.

However, note that you may not be able to maintain exactly the same design, now that you are moving away from batch scripts. It will likely be much faster to keep an interpreter in memory, rather than fork off a new interpreter every time, for example.

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