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Our mobile app communicates with a back end API. We want to be able to query a staged copy of the back end during development, and the live version during production.

We need to be able to dynamically configure our app to query stage.example.com during development, and example.com during production.

How can I easily manage these configuration parameters using Trigger.io forge?

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One way to do this would be to use our parameters module

This would let you pass a flag into your code at build time which your JavaScript could then use to vary its action e.g.

In config.json:

    "modules": {
        "parameters": {
             "production": false

In your JavaScript:

if (forge.config.modules.parameters.production) {
    server_url = "example.com";
} else {
    server_url = "staging.example.com";
    alert("Set production flag to true before packaging!");
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How exactly do I set the flag at build time? Do I need to manually edit config.json depending on what kind of build I want? –  Brad Koch Jul 31 '12 at 1:17
Yes, you would still need to edit config.json to change the flag –  Amir Nathoo Jul 31 '12 at 1:27

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