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I need to update some .png images for the iPad 3 retina display. The only issue is that these .png images are in a .plist file.

So... 1) Can I extract .png files manually from the .plist file? Or is there a program that does that? or, 2) Can I edit the resolution of the .png files that are on the .plist file... an example...



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The PNGs aren't inside the PLIST file, it's just a simple text file. They are probably inside a Resources folder, which is associated to this PLIST file (answer based on Mac OS X package architecture).

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This is a code for extracting .png images. Create file with this code and run from command line: name_of_sheet_without_extension

This script create a folder with extracted .png files.

#! /usr/lical/bin/python
import os,Image,sys
from xml.etree import ElementTree

def tree_to_dict(tree):
    d = {}
    for index, item in enumerate(tree):
        if item.tag == 'key':
            if tree[index+1].tag == 'string':
                d[item.text] = tree[index + 1].text
            elif tree[index + 1].tag == 'true':
                d[item.text] = True
            elif tree[index + 1].tag == 'false':
                d[item.text] = False
            elif tree[index+1].tag == 'dict':
                d[item.text] = tree_to_dict(tree[index+1])
    return d

def gen_png_from_plist(plist_filename, png_filename):
    file_path = plist_filename.replace('.plist', '')
    big_image =
    root = ElementTree.fromstring(open(plist_filename, 'r').read())
    plist_dict = tree_to_dict(root[0])
    to_list = lambda x: x.replace('{','').replace('}','').split(',')
    for k,v in plist_dict['frames'].items():
        print "-----start\n----------"
        rectlist = to_list(v['frame'])
        print rectlist, "--------rectlist"
        offset = to_list(v['offset'])
        print offset, "--------offset"
        width = int( rectlist[3] if v['rotated'] else rectlist[2] )
        height = int( rectlist[2] if v['rotated'] else rectlist[3] )
        print width,height,"----width,height"
            int(rectlist[0]) + width,
            int(rectlist[1]) + height,
        # bos is start & end point
        print box,"-----_box-"
        print v['rotated'], "---rotated"

        sizelist = [ int(x) for x in to_list(v['sourceSize'])]
        rect_on_big = big_image.crop(box)
        if v['rotated']:
            rect_on_big = rect_on_big.rotate(90)
        result_image ='RGBA', sizelist, (0,0,0,0))
        if v['rotated']:
                (sizelist[0] - height)/2 + int(offset[0]),
                (sizelist[1] - width)/2 - int(offset[1]),
                (sizelist[0] + height)/2 + int(offset[0]),
                (sizelist[1] + width)/2 - int(offset[1])
                (sizelist[0] - width)/2 + int(offset[0]),
                (sizelist[1] - height)/2 - int(offset[1]),
                (sizelist[0] + width)/2 + int(offset[0]),
                (sizelist[1] + height)/2 - int(offset[1])
        result_image.paste(rect_on_big, result_box, mask=0)
        if not os.path.isdir(file_path):
        outfile = (file_path+'/' + k).replace('gift_', '')
        print result_box,"-----result_box-"
        print outfile, "generated"

if __name__ == '__main__':
    filename = sys.argv[1]
    plist_filename = filename + '.plist'
    png_filename = filename + '.png'
    if (os.path.exists(plist_filename) and os.path.exists(png_filename)):
        gen_png_from_plist( plist_filename, png_filename )
        print "make sure you have boith plist and png files in the same directory"
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