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I have such textbox declaration:

<TextBox x:Name="InputTextBox">
                <Binding Path="Input" Mode="TwoWay" UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged">
                        ErrorMessage="Invalid" />
                    <KeyBinding Key="Enter" Command="{Binding Path=AddCommand}"/>

Such validationRule hierarchy:

public abstract class AbstractValidationRule : ValidationRule
    public string ErrorMessage { get; set; }

    protected abstract bool IsValid(string inputString)

    public override ValidationResult Validate(object value, CultureInfo cultureInfo)
        string inputString = (value ?? string.Empty).ToString();

        if (!IsValid(inputString)) return new ValidationResult(false, ErrorMessage);
        return new ValidationResult(true, null);

class MyValidationRule : AbstractStringValidationRule
    protected override bool IsValid(string inputString)
        return !String.IsNotNullOrEmpty(inputString);

Add command:

    public ICommand AddCommand
            return m_AddCommand ??
                   (m_AddCommand = new DelegateCommand(Add));

private void Add()
        InternalValue = Input;
        // input = Old invalid value

Input property:

  public string Input
        get { return m_Input; }
            if (m_Input != value)
                m_Input = value;

If I entered "valid" and then "invalid", When command was executed, property Input will be set in "valid" value state. I tried another way with UpdateSourceTrigger="Explicit" and using TextChanged event - was still same result.

Without ValidationRule - all works good.

P.S. I cannot change class from model layer.

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Plase share your validation rule and AddCommand code snippet. –  pchajer Jul 31 '12 at 6:00
the code for the Input property would be nice too –  blindmeis Jul 31 '12 at 7:03
It has been updated. –  user1175338 Jul 31 '12 at 16:04

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Hi set UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged".I hope this will help.

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U can see in snippet of code it was always setted, but still same effect. –  user1175338 Jul 31 '12 at 5:53

if you want that your validation/viewmodel and your "ui" are in sync then you should use IDataErrorInfo. your Input property should hold "valid" AND "invalid" values.

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