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Here's my function declaration and part of the body:

RETURNS void AS $$
DECLARE team_ids bigint[];
    SELECT INTO team_ids "team_id" FROM "tmp_team_list";

    UPDATE "team_prsnl"
    SET "updt_dt_tm" = NOW(), "last_access_dt_tm" = NOW()
    WHERE "team_id" IN team_ids;
END; $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;

I want team_ids to be an array of ints that I can then use in the UPDATE statement. This function give me errors like this:

psql:functions.sql:62: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "team_ids"
LINE 13:  AND "team_id" IN team_ids;
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I think you got the order wrong in your select. Shouldn't that be: SELECT team_id INTO team_ids FROM tmp_team_list; – a_horse_with_no_name Jul 31 '12 at 7:26
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Faster and simpler with a FROM clause in your UPDATE statement:

UPDATE team_prsnl p
SET    updt_dt_tm = now()
      ,last_access_dt_tm = now()
FROM   tmp_team_list t
WHERE  p.team_id = t.team_id;

That aside, while operating with an array, the WHERE clause would have to be

WHERE team_id = ANY (team_ids)

The IN construct works with sets, not with arrays.

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To create an array from a SELECT:

# select array(  select id from tmp_team_list ) ;
(1 row)

The IN operator is documented as taking a subquery for the right-hand operand. For example:

UPDATE team_prsnl SET updt_dt_tm = NOW()
 WHERE team_id IN (SELECT id FROM tmp_team_list);

Perhaps you can avoid the array altogether, or try supplying the array or select from team_ids.

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