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I am using a third party API to query data asynchronously. Here is an example of my code:

private void AsyncDataLoad() {
    Task[] tasks = new Task[6] {
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff1()),
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff2()),
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff3()),
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff4()),
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff5()),
        Task.Factory.StartNew(() => FetchSomeStuff6())


How can I view how many requests I have open at one time? By default I think there is a limitation to the number of concurrent requests I can have open on one domain and I would like to change this. But, I want to be able to prove this is the fact before trying to make any changes.

My development box is on Windows 7 Enterprise if that helps for any tool suggestions. I tried using PerfMon, but, it didn't seem like any properties available for monitoring with that tool were picking up HTTP requests made by the server.

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TcpView (sysinternals) and resmon (comes with Win7) can show connected sockets, although they don't capture the calls to the extent of HTTP-specific fiddler. :) –  James Manning Jul 31 '12 at 2:13

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If you just need to manually watch it yourself (not inspect it programatically), then you could use TCPView from SysInternals.

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IME, fiddler is the best tool for viewing http call behavior. Its timeline lets you view concurrency nicely.

The setting for changing the limit is in connectionManagement


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