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Here is the picture.

I have an connection string to connect to the SQL Server Database on the web.config of my website.
Would this item on the azure portal bring benefits to me?

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Can you repost your picure? –  Shimmy Dec 8 '12 at 21:44

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It is the connection string for items in the Linked Resources section of the portal for the website - which currently only supports SQL Database (and not Windows Azure Storage, for example). The following is documented:

Connections Strings – View connection strings for linked resources. For .NET sites, these connection strings will be injected into your .NET configuration connectionStrings settings at runtime, overriding existing entries where the key equals the linked database name. For PHP and Node sites these settings will be available as environment variables at runtime.

Note Connection strings are created when you link a database resource to a website and are read only when viewed on the configuration management page.

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