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I have encountered a problem with wxBusyInfo. I want to disable user's operation when doing some calculation. I just write the code like this:

wxWindowDisabler disableAll;
wxBusyInfo info(_T("Working, please wait..."), this);
for(int i = 0; i < 1; i++)

In the Install() function, I do some work like this:

wxExecute(cmd, output, errors);

When I run the application, the busyinfo dialog will show up, but it will no longer at the top of the application. Also after I click the application, or click the busyinfo dialog, it will turn out like the pictures attached. When the Install() function finished, it will be ok. But I don't want users can end the application by that way. What's the problem? What can I do? after click the applicatioin after click the busyinfo dialog

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You are calling wxExecute synchronously, which means that it does not return until cmd completes. So you application does not get a chance to update the display.

So, you need to call wxExecute asynchronously.

The snag is that you cannot then see the output and errors from the executed command.

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