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I've successfully implemented the use of the XHTMLImporter class of docx4j to convert XHMTL into docx4j (Word) elements. However, I now need to do the same thing for pptx4j (Powerpoint), but after much searching and trial-and-error, there doesn't appear to be anything corresponding to the XHTMLImporter for pptx4j, nor does it appear to be possible to take the docx4j-element results of the XHTMLImporter and append them to pptx4j Shapes.

Has anyone solved this problem for pptx4j? And/or, can anyone point me to a library or source code I could use to perform this task?



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Disclosure: I maintain docx4j

You would have to copy and alter the XHTMLImporter code, so that it emits DrawingML instead of WordML. A little tedious, but eminently do-able.

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I was afraid of that, since while certainly doable, it's not trivial; so I was really hoping someone had already done it for me! (And I can't be the first person to need to format HTML into a pptx4j document!) But thanks for the quick reply, in any event! –  Carl F. Hostetter Jul 31 '12 at 17:28

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