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I'm trying to get :A (e.g. switch between controller and spec) working in vim-rails. If I navigate to my rails project, run vim ., open a controller file and run :A, I get the error:

E345: Can't find file "app/controllers/widgets_controller.rb" in path 

If I then set the path explicitly:

:set path=/Users/me/Documents/Code/my-project

then :A works as expected. How can I set the path initially when I open a directory with Vim?

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Not exactly when opening a directory: since you seem to be working with projects, give the project plugin a try.

Using that, you could execute arbitrary commands when entering or leaving a project.

From the plugin description:

You can use this plugin's basic functionality to set up a list of frequently-accessed files for easy navigation. The list of files will be displayed in a window on the left side of the Vim window, and you can press or double-click on filenames in the list to open the files. This is similar to how some IDEs I've used work. I find this easier to use than having to navigate a directory hierarchy with the file-explorer. It also obviates the need for a buffer explorer because you have your list of files on the left of the Vim Window.

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interesting, thanks eckes - looks promising. will try this out tomorrow – recurser Jul 31 '12 at 14:59

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