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I have a bool property in a model:

public bool IsExistSchedule {get; set;}

In the View I wrote the following:

<div id="step1" data-schedule="@Model.IsExistSchedule">

In the generated page data-schedule contain True value.
How to properly work with this value in javascript?
For example, I want to check if variable is true:

var isExist = $('#step1').attr('data-schedule');
if( isExist === "True")
     do something

I don't like this part isExist === "True". I should convert it to bool may be or something other. I'm afraid that in other browser the variable may contain other values: true, True, "True", "true".

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Generally if you need any of your model for javascript, it's a good idea to do this in you views:


This will "convert" the value into something javascript will understand, like lower-casing a boolean.

And then, like @Musa suggests, use the .data() method.

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The .data() method will convert it to boolean, it is compatable with html5 data attributes

var isExist = $('#step1').data('schedule');
if (isExist)
    do something

Note "True" does not convert to boolean(true) so it has to be "true"

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