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I am trying to incorporate drag and drop functionality into my application that uses Google Closure libraries. Specifically, I am using the goog.fx.DragDropGroup class:

Now, I am trying to have the element next to my cursor be some element other than the drag source. I have tried doing this in callback function of my event listener for a dragstart event.

myapp.Foo.prototype.dragStart_ = 
    function(e) {
  var dElement = goog.dom.createElement('div');
  dElement.innerHTML = 'This element is not a copy of the drag source element.';
  e.dropTargetItem.element = dElement;

However, directly changing the element property of the drop target item does not work. In fact, it does away with any copy of the drag source element while dragging and dropping.

How can I specify another element to be the element that appears while dragging the drag source around with my mouse? I don't want this element to be identical to the drag source.

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You could create a draggroup class that inherits from goog.fx.DragGroup Then override the function: createDragElement The element you return will be the element that follows the mouse pointer.




 * @constructor
 * @extends {goog.fx.DragDropGroup}
my.DragGroup = function() {
goog.inherits(my.DragGroup, goog.fx.DragDropGroup); 

/** @inheritDoc */
my.DragGroup.prototype.createDragElement = function(sourceEl) {
    return goog.dom.createDom('div', null, 'Not a copy of the source El');

Hope this helps

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