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We are trying to implement a Card Scanner to scan front and back of Credit Card images in an iOS App.

We would like to implement exact same logic as the Lemon App (www.lemon.com) in which as soon as you place a card within 4 corners, the camera autosnaps the picture and does some OCR processing in the background.

Does anyone know any Open Source library or an API to implement this quickly. If so please share. Will appreciate all the assistance I can get.



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As far as I know - zBar is the best opensource solution available.


I think You should be able to tweak it for your needs. I hope. Good luck!

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Corner detection is performed analysing contrast variation. When you have the variation in a single direction, you have a line. In multiple directions you may have a point or a corner.

One approach is Moravec's algorithm, explained here

You might port this implementation to the iOS plataform.

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