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I have a auto-complete form that fetches result from server, but on slow connection it becomes erratic as data loading takes time. Is there anyway we can prefetch data from ajax source

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Just to answer your question, prefetch is possible using synchronous AJAX. Using jQuery, it will be (check syntax since I am on phone).

     url: "",
     async: false,
     success: function(resp)

This will make sure that your data is loaded before you publish it. But as Sinethera said, this defeats entire purpose of AJAX. If you can pre-fetch the content, that means you know the expected content. Then why not put it as a static list?

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nonononononononono. There is a difference between prefetching data, and turning off "async". This will make your ajax request a blocking event, as in "don't do anything until you hear back from this url". As in "omg everything is frozen and I don't know why". There is almost no reason, ever, to set async: false. This is no longer an Asynchronous JavaScript and XML request, it's now SJAX ;) –  Sinetheta Jul 31 '12 at 14:54
But that is the only way of making sure the data will be fetched before the component is loaded. I know its a real bad thing. So I have said this defeats entire purpose of AJAX –  mihsathe Aug 1 '12 at 16:40
No, there's a difference between "getting the data first", and "shutting down the browser while I go to get data". Putting the .autocomplete() in the callback to a regular ajax request is fine (pointless, but fine), turning off async is never okay. –  Sinetheta Aug 1 '12 at 23:50

Prefetch? Isn't that called "not being ajax"? Just load the data with the page and use it as a static data source.

Optionally get the data when they "focus" the field. That would be the only real compromise between getting the data on page-load and doing a legitimate dynamic source.

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