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I have two elements, the first one is the default to print on screen

<input id=post-category value="first">

and the other is this, which will only show if some onclick was made and of course the first element must show off

<select id=cat-sel ><option>second</option></select>

UPDATED I tried this code

el = document.getElementById("post-category");
el.style.visibility = "hidden";

el2 = document.getElementById("cat-sel");
el2.style.visibility = "visible";

but the problem here is, the 2nd element is indented. because it escapes the space for the 1st element. I don't like that, I wanted them to be on the same position

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Hard to tell what's being asked here... –  elclanrs Jul 31 '12 at 5:17
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Change to

el = document.getElementById("post-category");
el.style.display = "none";

el2 = document.getElementById("cat-sel");
el2.style.display = "block";

since visible/hidden does not remove the space the element takes up on the page

You need to set display:none on the field you need to hide initially

Assuming a checkbox have

window.onload=function() {
  document.getElementById("categoryCheckbox").onclick=function() {
    var chk = this.checked;
    document.getElementById("post-category").style.display = chk?"none":"block";
    document.getElementById("cat-sel").style.display = chk?"block":"none";

PS: A little more code is needed for the show/hide to survive a reload by the way...

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+1 This should work –  kiranvj Jul 31 '12 at 5:30

Define CSS for your ID's and fix the position.

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