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I am using Apache Active MQ with Spring..... the problem I am facing is that I am creating producer on one machine let say Machine1 and I am creating one consumer on second machine let say Machine2... I am creating producer on Machine1 by calling a simple servlet call.... and then create a consumer on Machine2.... Problem I am facing is that suppose in anyway if my producer is not able to send any data packet in specified time duration then I want to delete my consumer and Queue from Machine2... Is there anyway I can set my Consumer and Queue to get auto delete and perform some business logic if I do not get any packet from producer in a specified time duration....

connectionFactory = new ActiveMQConnectionFactory(ActiveMQConnection.DEFAULT_USER,ActiveMQConnection.DEFAULT_PASSWORD,ConnectorURL);
connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
session = connection.createSession(transacted, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
destination = session.createQueue(queueID+"");
connection = connectionFactory.createConnection();
consumer = session.createConsumer(destination);

basically this code create consumer for my application....then I assign this consumer to my application listener that listen if producer send any message to consumer....

ScenarioExecutionQueueListenerImpl executionQueueListener = new ScenarioExecutionQueueListenerImpl(scenario,result, host);
Message message = consumer.receive();
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I would not setup a messagelistener for that case, but just use the consumer.receive() method. The MessageListener is more for time independent/asynchronous consuming.

public void run(){
  Message m = consumer.receive(timeout_value_in_millisec);
  if( m != null ){
     // got a message, handle it.
     // no message received in specified time, 
  // close session, connection etc.

public void processMessage(Message msg){

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Thanks for your quick reply... I will check out this one....:) One more thing I want to know is how I can delete the queue I have created to receive the messages.... either from consumer end or producer end –  Ravi Kelotra Jul 31 '12 at 11:31
Thanks for your quick reply...But in my case messages always be asynchronous and multiple messages... I just want to make sure that my listener should trigger and roll back everything if it didn't receive any message in a specified duration... also how I can delete the queues that I have created to receive the messages either from producer end or consumer end.... –  Ravi Kelotra Jul 31 '12 at 11:43
Queues in ActiveMQ does not need deletion or creation explicitly. They exist only when they are used. Read: activemq.apache.org/how-do-i-create-new-destinations.html –  Petter Jul 31 '12 at 12:54

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