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I have three classes a,b, and c. All inherit the same class, and I have to select which class to use during runtime on the basis of a key.

Here is the Spring code I wrote:

 <bean id="ConfigurationAdapterMap" class="abc">
   <property name="adapterMap">
        <entry key="key1">
          <bean class="class1"/>
        <entry key="Other">
          <bean class="class2"/>

I don't want to pass 'Other' explicitly, and I want to return class2, if the given key does not match any key in the keyset. Can I get spring to do this?

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From the documentation:

You can also explicitly control the exact type of Map that will be 
instantiated and populated via the use of the 'map-class' 
attribute on the  element.

So, for example, you can take DefaultedMap from commons-collections and try to use it as map-class. Or you can implement your own Map and use it.

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How can we do it with spring ? –  Aman Agarwal Jul 31 '12 at 11:04

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