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How do I determine the language setting of an Android device. I am doing this to internationalize my app. Thanks!

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check Android Localization Tutorial and Also Read Android document Here –  Ram kiran Jul 31 '12 at 5:49

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You have to use different string.xml files


Refer below link

Supporting Different Languages

And also Read Localization

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Do you really need this to do manually? Actually in android are already built-in internationalization mechanizms - resource qualifiers.

All you need to do is add specific strings.xml for each locale.

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The most common to do this is to keep a string file with the strings you want to localize in the res/values folder. You can then create additional values folders marked with resource qualifiers that will contain localized string files.

For example, if you want to translate to german, you create the res/values-de folder and put your localized string file in the folder. Android will load this folder automatically if the language is set to german. If the current system language has no values folder, it will use the default res/values folder.

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Create values folder for different language and put this language String.

example : values-ca and put Canada language String in this folder.

So, if user change the phone language then it is show this country language.


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