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I have two methods which read the same data from database, the first returns Cursor and the second returns List of objects.Now I show my items in activity using SimpleCursorAdapter and the first method, byt I can also use the second method and appropriate adapter. Which of these two ways is beter to use and in the second way which adapter I should use?

P.S sorry for poor english

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Definitely go with SimpleCursorAdapter. If possible, always use Cursor if your data comes from database, you save memory by not creating List of objects. Creating objects in Java is expensive with regards to time and memory consumption and you have to bear in mind you are on mobile platform with limited resources. If you are using List of objects for your ListView than use custom adapter extending from ArrayAdapter.

It's not always straightforward to use Cursor although your data comes from database. Let's say you store places in the database defined by its name and location and you want to display them in a ListView sorted by distance from current location. It makes it difficult to execute a query which returns sorted results unless you don't store relative distance in additional column. But you can get Cursor convert it to List of objects and sort this collection before sending it to your ListView.

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Yes, I use ListView and setListAdapter(adapterName), my first method simply returns the cursor that executes the select query, and second method fills the list of items running through cursor which first nwthod returns, I can use both of these methods and appropiate adapters, as I understand it is better to use Cursror ? – Vahan Jul 31 '12 at 6:32
Yes, use SimpleCursorAdapter, it is created exactly for this scenario and such to display data in ListView from database. – biegleux Jul 31 '12 at 6:35
ok, thanks very much) – Vahan Jul 31 '12 at 6:43

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