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I want to store some values only for certain period of time in a collection in tomcat java web application.

The scenario is :

  • value1 is added first
  • value2 is added 1 minute after value1
  • value3 is added just after value2 is added
  • value4 is added 2 minute after value1 is added

This values should be available only for 5 minute time after they added. After 5 minute they should be removed from the list. Every value expires after 5 minute time (after they added) regardless of their last access time.

I have already started to implement this by using a ConcurrentHashMap and ScheduledExecutor.

I could not find a proper in-built cache mechanism for this requirement and if a cache is used it will not remove/expire the values from the list if values are accessed more frequently.

I appreciate if someone can give me a direction or reference to any existing implementation.

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If you want to do it manually here's a simple idea :

  1. Create a class that wraps the type you want to store with a date.
  2. Extend HashMap, overriding the get() method so that it checks the date, returns null if the date is too old, and returns the object stored otherwise.


If memory is a problem, you can iterate the map to remove expired values every X minute. To do so, in the overriden get() method check last cleanup date, if it was more than X minutes ago do cleanup now. But if you don't have memory issues you may even skip this.

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What about the cleanup policy ? – Shantha Kumara Jul 31 '12 at 8:11
I edited my answer. – kgautron Jul 31 '12 at 9:27

google guava can do that(very simple)<Integer, String> values = CacheBuilder.newBuilder().concurrencyLevel(4).expireAfterWrite(5, TimeUnit.MINUTES).maximumSize(20).build();        

values.put(someKey, "string val");
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There is no such a collection delivered with java.util.*.

One option is to to guava's Cache. Instances can be created via CacheBuilder. In your case most interesting method is expireAfterWrite.

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IF you are talking about storing the values for each client cookies can be used for this.

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No. The requirement is in the server side. – Shantha Kumara Jul 31 '12 at 7:58

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