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I noticed that over 1,000 tasks queued up in Google App Engine's task queue. When I hit "Run Now" nothing seems to happen, no error in the log entry, etc. I double checked everything, but everything seems fine. The only suspicious thing to me was under the "Previous Run" tab in the task queue console, it showed "Last http response code: 404". Despite the 404, the URL seems fine, I can call it in a browser. Also, tasks just like those also run as expected. Without a log, I do not know what else to check.

Some tasks may have failed before, but after a fix, that error should be gone.

I'm using Java App Engine SDK 1.7.0 and a custom queue like this:


So, any clues what's going on? Or what else to check?

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Are you still experiencing the problem? Are you using Master/Slave or High Replication?

You can report a bug and provide your application id.

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Meanwhile I purged the queue, and right now it seems fine. Thanks. – greenrobot Sep 27 '12 at 11:42

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