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I have a trigger which is sending data from a table to another table in another database. all s working fine.

The prob is that there is a new concept of END DATE, in which, if END DATE is present for a person, the row should reach the other table on that particular date..

eg.: if someones end date is 31st august, it should go on that day only, but ofcourse, my trigger is firing on event change (when enddate is set to 31st august)..

Could you please suggest me what I can do to SET the row to go on ENDDATE.?

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It doesn't sound like you don't want a trigger. It sounds like you want a job. For example, if you create a procedure that transfers all the rows whose end_date is today

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE move_rows_with_end_date(
  p_end_date IN DATE DEFAULT trunc(SYSDATE) 
  INSERT INTO table_name@remote_database( <<list of columns>> )
    SELECT <<list of columns>>
      FROM table_name
     WHERE end_date = trunc(sysdate);

Then you can create a job that runs the procedure every day at midnight

  l_jobno PLS_INTEGER;
  dbms_job.submit( l_jobno,
                   'BEGIN move_rows_with_end_date; END;',
                   'trunc(sysdate+1)' );
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actually Justin, the use of trigger was justified because i needed to send rows in realtime,before this whole end date concept came into place. But I'll try to place rows with end dates into this procedure-job and try..Thanks a lot for ur inputs –  MayankG Jul 31 '12 at 7:39
Thank you Justin! –  MayankG Jul 31 '12 at 10:20

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