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Dojo : FilteringSelect , required: "false" , not working

My code structure is,

var user_search = new FilteringSelect({
                        id: "user_search",
                        name: "user_search",
                        searchAttr: "displayName",
                        type: "text",
                        required: "false",
                        autoComplete: true, 
                        labelFunc: formatLabel,
                        labelType: "html",
                        invalidMessage: "No user found",
                        style: "width: 166px;height:28px;background-color:white"
                    }, this.user_search);

Can any one help?.


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Should the required property be boolean false, rather than the string "false"?

 type: "text",
 required: false,
 autoComplete: true, 
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Thank you codebox. That's right...!! – Sumesh TG Jul 31 '12 at 7:14

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