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There are many libraries and APIs (e.g. Qt) that seem to be intentionally designed to be non-thread safe. What is the motivation for such a design?

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It's easier. Its really difficult to make a non trivial library thread safe without loosing

  • simplicity
  • scalability
  • speed
  • stability
  • sanity

Since many developers value these things pretty high they often decide to not care about multi threading.

For GUI libraries sanity seems to be a major concern, since you get into really complex situations when you don't stick to a single thread for your GUI code.

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+1 for 'GUI libraries sanity seems to be a major concern'. –  Martin James Jul 31 '12 at 8:25

Many of the techniques used to ensure thread safety incur a performance penalty - if the likely use-cases for a library do not require thread-safety then omitting it can be a reasonable design choice.

Making a library non-thread safe does not preclude its use in a multi-threaded application, it just means that the user of the library must implement the thread safety themselves (usually by wrapping calls to the library in a thread-safe wrapper). By writing a library without thread-safety built in, the author allows does not force users who do not need thread-safety to suffer the associated performance penalty.

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